Odour Neutralising Surface Cleaner

What an amazing product! Vm3 Zero Odour Neutralising Surface Cleaner is the best purchase I’ve made.

Recently at a caravan and camping show we stumbled across this wonderful product and we weren’t even looking for it, in fact we had given up. My wife and I have a big problem with lichen on the underside of the back patio. We tried everything from high pressure cleaners, bleach and many other products harmful not only to the environment but to ourselves. We would clean with safety goggles, masks, gloves and disposable overalls and still be burned by the product and our clothes ruined.

Fortunately for us we stopped at Lee and Mei Godwin’s stand and after consultation with the brains trust we purchased a bottle.

We hoped that this bio based, non carcinogenic and nil harmful chemicals (both to us and the environment), would work on our patio. We tried it when we got home- no goggles, masks, gloves etc; just sprayed the lichen, waited 10/20 seconds and wiped this dreadful stuff off.

I immediately jumped into the car and went straight back to the stand to purchase more of this exceptional spray.

Thanks to Lee and Mei we are now free of this lichen curse and our patio looks brand new. My only problem is that I  should have purchased more of this magic in a bottle because it’s amazing on both glass and stainless steel.

Grant Harding, QLD

I am one of those people who like to have a good disinfectant cleaner at hand to help around the house. And for many years I thought I had great cleaners at hand, that was until I tried the Vm3 Zero Disinfectant spray.

We have a busy social household with lots of family and visitors dropping in all the time, and of course with that – along comes mess. we always have on hand one of the big commercial brands as a surface spray to tidy up any spills etc that may need attending to.

Recently I was introduced to Vm3 Zero Disinfectant Spray. To say it is the best cleaner that I have ever used is an understatement. The job that this cleaner does is incredible.

The first thing you notice is the fragrance. It is such a clean and pleasant smell. you certainly notice the power of it when you apply it to the area that needs attention. Just one spray is all that it takes and it just cuts through all the mess.

I have used it on surfaces, bathrooms, tables and even on my shower screen – all with amazing results. the other amazing benefit is, that it is made from safe bio-based ingredients, with no carcinogens, phosphates or harmful chemicals.

I totally recommend this product for all to use and it will now sit pride of place in my home ready for action.

Craig Ingham, Director - World Stage Promotions

Odour Control Pads

I had a major mould problem in my walk-in wardrobe as it was off the main bathroom and had no ventilation. I put Vm3 Purefier Odour Control Pads in the walk-in wardrobe and within a matter of weeks the mould had completely gone!!

If you have a mould problem in your home you need to speak to Vm3 Purefier!!!

Phil, Coogee, NSW

Thank you for the sample pads. We have had them placed in a home that has been subject to flooding. The musty, mouldy odour commonly associated with flood damaged property has been completely removed.

We now wish to start talking to our insurance company clients about supplying pads as part of our support services to them in reinstating properties subject to water damage to remove these malodours.

George Gialouris, General Manager, AusRestore Pty Limited

I have used Vm3 Purefier products with great success to remove the smell of cigarette smoke from the house and the smell of garbage from the waste bin. The results were excellent as all bad odours completely disappeared.

Susan, San Souci, NSW


My wife is your newest VM3 fan after using the product you gave for my piddling in the study dog! Please send 44 gallon drums of it!

Since then!

The wonderful thing is I think other than the nice smell and that it soaked up the pee and replaced the odorous urine smell in the room is he has since stopped piddling in the study altogether!

It’s a miracle! Who said you can’t teach old dogs new tricks!

Thanks again!

Geoff Walker