Products & Applications

Vm3 Zero products are primarily for use in enclosed spaces or through which air is passed.

Odour Eliminator Pads – For use in aged care facilities, hospitals, veterinary practices, restaurants, toilet facilities, waste bins, hotel rooms etc, for the control of volatiles, moisture, malodour, decomposition, bacteria and fungi. Areas with a very high “malodour load” may require additional pads more frequent application of pads or a tailor made product.

For smaller applications, single pads can be used just about anywhere to control these same problems.  These pads can be applied in household bins, food scrap bins, wardrobes, under sinks and in cupboards, over cat litter trays, shoes, refrigerators, boats and caravans, to control paint, petrol and cigarette odours.  They may be used almost anywhere where there is a moisture or malodour problem (except in dishwashers).

Surface Spray – POSSIBLY THE BEST STAINLESS STEEL AND GLASS CLEANER IN THE WORLD. One spray, one wipe, no streaks, no marks – just clean and shine. Just as effective on most other surfaces.